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Sardinia, Day 1

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This article is a detailed first day ride of Sardinia, Italy.

Riding Day 1: Golfo Aranci – Porto Torres – Alghero (~400 km.)

I had an early start with an in-stock of 6 hours of sleep, so I decided to take it easy and have a look around the northern coastal roads. The ride is pretty smooth with some very nice curves to warm you up. Along the route, you will have plenty of opportunities to stop and enjoy the vista of the coasts as an excuse to stretch you legs and back. The route in light blue is about 200 km and should get you to Porto Torres by noon.

If you decide to stay in Porto Torres, the coastal pedestrian roads are very lengthy and pass by some very good looking beaches. To the north-west you will find Stintino, there is supposed to be very beautiful beaches around.


The route in red is something I came up with when I was having a sandwich and some high quality italian coffee at a cafe by the port in Porto Torres. Having more than half a day on my hands, I figured, why spend it at some cafe or hotel? I rode on…

As soon as you leave the city of Sassari, the roads will instantly curl up :). The quality of the roads is very good in general. There are some new ones with line painting in progress. You see the warning signs but no one is working on them and by the way of wear of them and polishing marks of the tires, those signs have been around for some time :). These guys take some serious siesta time, it seems…

The waypoints are Osilo, Nulvi, Martis, Chiaramonti, Ozieri, Mores, Cossoine, Pozzomaggiore, Padra, Lago del Temo, Villanova Monteleone and Alghero. The descent from 500 meters to Alghero has fantastic corners, impeccable road quality both for tarmac quality and the degree of the curves.

The route is another 200km or so and took me around 2 hours and 45 minutes to cover with only one major break at a gas station for another hit of espresso and acqua naturale. I woudl have done it in less time if I had my KTM 1290 SDR :(.

Below you may find my ride for the next day.

Riding Day 2: Alghero – Pula (~320 km.)
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