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Sardinia, Day 2

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This article is a detailed second day’s ride of Sardinia, Italy.

Riding Day 2: Alghero – Pula (~320 km.)

The route today is mixed with very nice curvy roads as well as very dull ones, but that is mainly because I decided to keep as close to the coastal roads as possible. Instead of crossing through the island east to Albarax, my initial target for the day, I have changed it to Pula on the go. After last day’s route, my body and mind was not into hard and twisty roads that I initially planned almost 400 km route. I plan to do some of the most exciting roads when I stay in Albarax, but after a day off in Pula and enjoy the sun and the sea, as the temperatures hit 32 degrees Celsius at peak hours. Tomorrow the forecast is for 2 degrees higher than today, so it is best to take advantage of :).


Departing from Alghero around 10:00 was kind of challenging, I had my trip planned but did not feel up to it. The second half of my route from yesterday had its toll on my body and some soreness started to set in. Blah blah, excuses excuses, I am on holiday, so I changed my course due south.

The receptionist, at the hotel I stayed in Alghero, gave me some pointers about nice beaches around the island, Pula was amongst them, so I planned the above trip. The blue are pretty boring and the red ones are exquisite. You will enjoy them too, I am sure. Although the blue is more than the red, you really need them to unwind, the whole way down would be very challenging if it was all in red.

To be literal, the route has the following waypoints: From Alghero until Bosa take the coastal road SP49. From there you have two options, either take the coastal road down to Tresnaraghes or take the road through Suni. SS292 will take you down to Cuglieri. All the way down to Cuglieri, I have marked red. It is enjoyable, pretty fast sweepers if you are good at handling your bike. Until you reach Santa Caterina, the road becomes dull then a briefly red around Santa Caterina.

Oristano is a biggish town, I would try to avoid riding through it, as it was around 30 degree celsius when I was passing through. The road through Guspini, Fluminimaggiore until Iglesias is very exciting with sharp and narrow curves. Please remember my humble advice about the traffic. Although was not much traffic, I have ran into such cases almost every time I encountered incoming motor vehicles at the blind curves.

Between Iglesias and Teulada, way down south, is very boring, just rode it with music blasting in my headphones. Somewhere before Teulada, there is a military area, so a lot of military vehicles were in motion. No biggie… The road from Teulada down until Forte Village is quite impressive, yet again. You will arrive in Pula exhausted having covered a little more than 320 kilometers.

You may find the next days ride below:

Riding Day 3: Pula – Arbatax (~450 km.)
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