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Sardinia, Italy

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Sardinia is known for its beautiful beaches, of which you can find booklets with the thickness of your pinky finger at convenient stores all over the island. Below you will find a number of maps for my riding days in Sardinia, but I strongly suggest you to acquire a printed map of the island. Google Maps will not do much justice to the details zooming in and out when planning your routes.

The island is huge with insanely curvy roads. Depending on the roads you pick, a trip of 300 km will pretty much take all day long. Tarmac quality is generally very good but expect to ride on some deteriorated and bumpy ones here and there. 

Please remember, this is a mainly touristic and holiday island. There are tourists riding rentals as well as locals, living in small settlements, having their own way of driving. You will also be tested by elderly approaching their 250 coasting at 30 kph. for no apparent reason. The incoming motorcars do not always obey the line rules. They tend to can cut the curves onto your lane. I have seen so many cases. The best is to position yourself in the middle of your lane. Try to avoid being on the outside of your lane especially when taking blind right turns. This may be opposing most of the “smooth” and “correct” riding rules but it is a friendly advice. When you land on the island, take your time and try to adjust to normal traffic behaviour of the locals and others.

Livorno to Golfo Aranci

I have left Tuscany, Italy from Livorno at 23:00 on the 28th of September and embarked the Corsica Ferries – Sardinia Ferries, which was surprisingly on time. The other option was Moby Lines, which may have been a bit cheaper; more motorcycles seemed to have prefered them. This is, of course, solely depending on my observation on their embarkation point. It would cost you around 75 Euros including a breakfast for a single cabin with a view of the sea in the dark. Unless you are claustrophobic, like me, you may have a better deal with an inside room.

Having spent the whole day on my motorcycle, I have taken a dive into bed before departure and was waken up by the announcement of the captain at 06:15, exactly one hour before the disembarkation. You would have just about enough time to grab something to eat from the cafeteria, leave your cabin and enjoy the view when approaching the land.

For the record, it would be better to either leave the port before everyone else or be the last to do so. I chose the latter and got on my way with some pretty high hopes…

I have broken-down the post to days for each daily routes I have covered. Below are the links you may find:

Riding Day 1: Golfo Aranci – Porto Torres – Alghero (~400 km.)
Riding Day 2: Alghero – Pula (~320 km.)
Riding Day 3: Pula – Arbatax (~450 km.)
Sardinia: The Finale
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