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BMW Bernardini, Ajaccio

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When I was visiting Sardinia, on my BMW R1200GS, the last day I had a flat rear tire. Having had such a problem before, I was prepared for the occasion. I have repaired the puncture but the rear tire either had to be patched from the inside or I had to replace my rear tire with a new one.

The next morning I have crossed to Corsica. There is only two BMW Motorrad dealers/services in Corsica and both of them are owned by the same company. I am writing this post a few days after the incident, so I hope it will be taken serious if read by proper authorities and potential customers of BMW Bernardini.

I am writing all of my critics, so please bare with me.

  • Receptionist is very SULKY! Being a receptionist and all, you should be welcoming CUSTOMERS with a smile, not a SULK, no matter how incompetent you may be in expressing yourself in English. It does not help TALKING AT the CUSTOMER in French with a tempered voice. It is not my problem what day of the month it is for you or whatever your reasons may very well be, if you cannot speak English, smile at me and call someone who does and do it nicely without disturbing my peace! Remember, I do not want to be in front of you during my vacation time in the first place.
  • At least, the mechanical supervisor could speak English. At 11:00 in the morning, I was told to come back after 14:30 after their lunch break. I really do not understand how you can send the CUSTOMER who is obviously there because he has no where to be. Changing a set of tires with balance calibration takes how long, half an hour to forty-five minutes, tops?! Having already lost two valuable days of my travel and visa time to this puncture, I accepted and spent the next 3 HOURS at a cafe near by.
  • BE ON TIME! When you tell the CUSTOMER it will take maximum 1 hour to deliver his bike, please deliver on time. After 1 hour, the bike still was not attended to, I could see the workshop from where I was sitting. Another customer was also waiting with me for his brand new R1200RT 1000km oil change. He was also told it would take about the same amount of time. My bike was delivered to me at 17:30. It took them 3 hours to change my tires.
  • DON’T LIE! Broken English is always a problem when travelling abroad. Mine isn’t, but peoples’ at places I travel to are, most of the time. When I asked if the tires are calibrated, you should have told me the truth: “I don’t know, let me check!” When I left the service, I rode about 5 km in rush hour traffic before I reached the highway, and when I did, I realised that the tires were not calibrated. I rode back and caught the supervisor just before they closed the workshop. I told him the situation, he went back in, came out, and told me that the mechanic did not tell him the calibration machine was broken and he couldn’t calibrate it. So, he rode my bike to another bike shop nearby and had it calibrated. He apologised a ton at least. But calibrated in the end? NOT!

Overall, my experience with BMW Bernardini was very, VERY DISAPPOINTING. They are a disgrace to the name of BMW, they lack most of the values customers of BMW Motorrad expect from the brand. It is just too sad. I think BMW Headquarters should give them a serious warning to pick up their sloppy act or take their license away for all I care!

I had to have my tires calibrated at a Honda Motorcycles Dealer (Nonza Cycles) in Bastia, Corsica, the next day. I am just quoting what they told me, and that is:

“There is no automatic calibration device for motorcycle tires on the island of Corsica. All the calibrations are done manually. It is very expensive.” 

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