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Das Moto, San Sebastian

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When you look for this dealer on Google Maps, you may not be able find it, but it is there on BMW Navigator V with the latest maps installed. I have tried having this place called a few times from the reception of the hotel I was staying, but there was no answer. I know for a fact that the dealers do not always pick up their phones when they are busy, so I decided to give them a visit, with my hopes really down though. I really did not want to spend another full day at a service on this trip.

When I got there it was almost 11:00. This place is pure blood BMW Motorrad. It is a small dealer compared to most but they do not carry any other brands nor automobiles, just motorcycle sales and service.

When I got there, I put on my irresistable smile ( 😛 ) and asked around a few people if they could speak English. One gut broght a lady from the back office and I explained her that I was let down by the service in Andorra lacking spark plugs and that I was really behind my schedule and would really appreciate their understanding and prioritizing my service request.

They have checked their stock status and told me they would have me first inline even though they are fully booked. Now there is a BMW Motorrad Service I know, like and missed… I was on my way to Gijon, Spain by 11:30 with a smile, sense of satisfaction and appreciation. They are just so warm hearted people, like in Toulon and my fellow service people back home in Istanbul. Exceptional, really…

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