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Groupe JPV, Toulon

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It was 07:00 when the Corsica Ferries ferry from Bastia to Toulon had disembarked us. Having just a little more than 2,5 hours before the opening of BMW Motorrad – Group JPV in Toulon, France opened for service. It is a few kilometers outside of Toulon so I took my time.

When I have arrived at Groupe JPV premises, I have realized another BMW motorbike rider and passenger with British license plate, also waiting. I had no reservations or appointments nor had informed the customer representatives about my visit. So I was a bit skeptical on the time I was about to spend in this service.

My experience with Toulon BMW is very good in general; not that I had my problem fixed, but the personnel was very helpful and tried their best, and made me feel good about their effort.

I was greeted to the service by a very decent representative who was quite fluent in English. I have told him what has happened back in Corsica and he told me that even though it was a half day shift on saturdays and they were totally booked, they are going to re-calibrate my tires and have me on my way in two hours. In two hours, they reported to me about the faulty front tire or the rim was bent causing the wobble in the handle-bars. They told me that I need to have the front tire changed but they didn’t have it in stock and since it was saturday, it would be impossible for them to procure it from the dealer. They didn’t have spare for the rim, so they couldn’t test if that was the problem either.

As a result, I left the dealer knowing what may be actually wrong. I had owned the same brand set of tires and had a similar problem before. Since I didn’t have any wobble before my tire change, I focused on finding a set of different brand tires on my route.

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