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Hypocrisy of BMW Motorrad

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At Groupe JPV – BMW Motorrad Dealer in Toulon, France, I have had the pleasure of meeting a very nice British couple also traveling in Europe on their BMW K1300S. When I started talking to this British couple, I have found out that we had more than just a motorcycle brand in common.

First of all, the rider was Paul Dickenson, the coach at Get Cornering, an advanced rider training school focusing on training on-road cornering skills. We had a nice conversation about their versus California Superbike School trainings and how they differ in a controlled environment and on the road.

Getting carried away here, the most appalling part of the conversation was we were both bound with the same bad luck of having our bikes serviced in BMW Bernardino in Ajaccio. To be honest, their experience was worse because they had appointment for tire and oil change and the service has totally ignored their requests both in Ajaccio and Bastia.

Here comes the shocking part for me!

They have called this customer service number in the U.K. (+44 20 8603 9998) and complained about the situation they have faced. The BMW U.K. has paid for their Corsica-Sardina Ferry ticket at the highest rate of luxury level to have them transported to Toulon to make up for their complaint. The ticket is around €300.00 plus with the dinner and breakfast servings for two people on a motorcycle. Believe me I know this price for a fact! Further more, they have made sure that Toulon BMW Motorrad (Groupe JPV) would be happy to change their tires and oil upon arriving. Now that is a high-quality in after-sales service!!!

I have one more example to write about. In the summer of 2013, I have travelled to the Nordkapp in Norway through the Balkans, Ukraine, Russia, Latvia and Baltic countries Sweden and Finland. When I was returning from Nordkapp, I had my bike serviced at Trondheim BMW Motorrad, MC Tunning. Back then I was riding a 2012 K1600GT. There, I have met a German fellow rider, also riding a K1600GT. He was having his bike serviced for the failure of the Kombischalter. If you don’t already know, kobmischalter is the critical set of buttons on the handle-bars, controlling just about everything that is electronically available for your command on these bikes. When the module broke-down, he has called BMW Motorrad in Germany and they have shipped the module, overnight to Trondheim Norway! OVER-NIGHT!!!

What is this if not hypocrisy? I have bought 6 bikes and 4 cars from BMW and have never seen such care from my dealer in Turkey or any other dealers I have visited anywhere. Why does BMW Motorrad apply such double standard to its customers? We pay as much as the next customer, probably much higher a price, for the same bike or the car. Why are we not being taken serious when it comes to after-sales service?

I have called my service-representative and asked for a number so that I can complain about my situation. He has told me that he is not aware of such a number and the only way is to go through a couple of middle management people in Turkey before they send out an email to Germany and ask for such support. Hello!!! I am travelling in Europe and can’t even get a serious service. I have lost days of travel and visa time. Who is going to make up for these extra costs for hotel stays, my frustration and my increasing dislike of BMW Motorrad and Automobile brand?

Is BMW A.G. aware of such double-standard or is it their own corporate policy, I wonder?!!!

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