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KTM Belgrade – ProMoto Centar

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The most direct route to the Dolomites from Istanbul, Turkey, goes through Belgrade, Serbia and is about 1100 km. It is a days ride. On my way to Belgrade I have noticed an error on my digital display about LED failure on the tail tidy license plate holder. When I arrived in Belgrade, I have looked up KTM dealers/services, which by the way KTM official website has very detailed information on, including what type of a dealer/service are available. KTM’s website for dealer search is more user friendly, if the address is correct. In this case, the address was correct but the navigation system does not work all that good in Serbia, the Global Information System infrastructure is messed up in general. Complex addresses are very hard to find, but again, I was using my BMW Navigator V mounted on my SDR, so I do not know if it is the Garmin or the Serbian GIS that messes it up.

By the way, I have two bikes; a BMW and a KTM. Sorry, but I will compare these two brands quite often in my future posts.


I have visited ProMoto Centar on July 10, 2014 without any notice nor appointment about my visit. ProMoto Centar is actually very small compared to the dealer shop in Istanbul. There is only one mechanic and only one bike lift; the workshop is just about 25m². The person in charge of the dealer/service and the KTM Cafe (very nice touch by the way) was very helpful. I told him about the error, and he quickly got the mechanic working on the tail light.

The problem was found to be the soldering of the LED module. The tail is hard metal and has pretty much no vibration absorbing at its bindings, thus the vibration at the tail, which is pretty much constant during riding, has broken the solder. Even though they had a number of parts available for the new SDR, they didn’t have this custom order piece in-stock. They have taken it apart and re-soldered the module and told me to have it replaced under warranty when I got back home.

I have spent about an hour for the whole service and had a very good time talking to a few of KTM owners that were there, one of which was British who lived in Belgrade for the last two years.

Overall, the service is limited but very willing when it comes to solving your on the road problems. You are allowed to visit the workshop while the mechanic is actually working on your bike, which is very similar to service workshop in Turkey, which has a very personal feeling to it and I became to like when compared to BMW service workshops.

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