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KTM Landeck, Moto City West

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This summer I have taken my new KTM 1290 SuperDuke R for a month long road trip that covered 10,000 km. All of the roads are European roads from the Balkans to French Alps. When you have such a high calibre naked bike, you want to be on good tarmac with very good traction :)

Around 6500 KM into the trip and around 10000 on the odometer, I was about to start my ascend to the Stelvio Pass, I have stopped for fuel. When I was checking the motorcycle I have realized some hydraulic fluid dripping down from the front right suspension fork. I have cleaned the leak after calling my service back in Turkey, anc carried on to see if it was a one time deal or a continuing leak.

Why have I called the KTM service in Turkey?

The reason for this is my previous experience with KTM services around Switzerland, Italy and Austria. It is really hard to find an English speaking person working at KTM dealers. In Switzerland, previously, I called to see if I can have tire change at their service, just because he couldn’t speak English, he hung up on me. Yeah! It is one of the major problems with KTM, communication in English is very weak. When travelling, you do not want to lose unnecessary time trying to get a simple answer from a dealer or a service, thus the best was to call my service at home. I was comforted that the leak may not be critical as long as the brake calipers are not splashed by the liquid, but sooner or later I would have to take my bike in for service.

When I reached to the Passo dello Stelvio, I have realized that the leak was continuous and with the air travelling, they hydraulic fluid was splashing on to the brake calipers. It got me really worried now that it was jeopardizing my travel safety. I got on the internet and started looking for KTM dealers near-by. I have found Moto City West, a KTM dealer at Landeck. I wanted to be in Austria because it is the homeland of KTM obviously, I figured it was the right country to be in if I needed replacement parts for repair.

They told me that Landeck is about two and a half hour ride from Stelvio and I should bring the bike to them for them to see what is wrong. So after about that much of riding, I arrived at Landeck at around 16:30-17:00. The dealer is medium size, I was happy to see another Super Duke R on display, showing their potential of selling and servicing the bike.

One person was able to talk with me in English, but he told me that the hydraulic seal has to be changed and they did not have the part in stock. He also told me that due to the late hour, even if they order the product it will not be before next morning thus, the part will arrive on the day after tomorrow, which is a Friday. Landeck is pretty remote to where I would rather be, especially because I had to be in Trieste, Italy on Saturday.

I asked them to have the part sent to Lienz dealer. They have checked it with the dealer in Lienz and confirmed me that the part will be shipped to that dealer and I should be at the dealer on Friday morning. It would be about 2 hours of repair time so I should be on my way to Trieste in the afternoon, which would give me sufficient time to make the trip.

They have wrapped the end of the fork with a cloth and secured it with a couple of zip ties and gave me a can of brake fluid cleaner spray and told me to clean the calipers if I see necessary until the change.

Although they had limited capability for servicing my bike, I appreciate their effort to keep me on the road and arrange a replacement seal to be serviced at Lienz in a few days.

Good job guys! Thanks…

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