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KTM Lienz, Zweirad Ortner

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The next day of my visit to KTM Landeck Moto City West, I have arrived in Lienz. I have stayed in Lienz on the night before the service so I would not spend anytime travelling to the service.

I have called Zweirad Ortner and talked to a nice gentleman named Thomas. He told me that he has placed the order and checked that it was shipped, and hopefully by 11:00 on Friday, he will have the hydraulic seal in-stock ready to service my bike and I should be there around 11:30.

The next morning I have received a phone call from Thomas again, this time he told me that even the parts were shipped, they did not receive them and this would mean I would have to stay until Monday for replacement. This was not acceptable. I had to be in Trieste the next morning.

I could not believe about KTM’s inability to send a simple item that is in their factory warehouse to a dealer in Austria in a period of two days time: A KTM with a growth of %20 in the last year now aiming to enter the world of road motorbikes cannot even service its own native dealers in Austria, forget the rest of Europe or the world!

I have called my dealer in Turkey and explained about my situation, and then one unexpected thing happened, they took this more serious than KTM Austria. They have called the factory, warehouse and related dealer in Lienz. Both the owner of KTM dealer in Turkey, Selcuk Bektas, and their PR representative, Recep Perk, was very helpful. Right after their intervention, the dealer called me back and told me to bring the bike in and they will find a way to fix the problem.

When I brought the bike in, the service did not take any lunch break, they have taken apart my front fork and replaced the o-ring with a different one that is not specified by the part number in catalog (as you know each part has to be replaced by a part that is only specified by KTM) The o-ring they have used has the same measurements but was different in color than the original. Big deal, it worked. As long as it works and I am on my way, all is good. I was also told to bring the bike to service once I got back to Turkey for replacement.

I am amazed by the quality of service my own dealer in Turkey has made possible during my travel in Europe. I really wasn’t expecting much from KTM and I warned by my friends that I would not be able to get the quality of service I become accustomed to at BMW. Even with all the critics I have written about KTM, I must say that KTM has made me a happy customer that day! Not to mention I am totally in love with my KTM 1290 SDR 😉

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