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KTM Trento – Niki Moto Srl

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Niki Moto Sarl is a KTM and Suzuki dealer and service. The showroom is quite big, they have separated the two brands as if they are two different shops, but they are connected under one roof. There is a vast selection of off and on-road accessories and apparel. Many bikes are displayed in the showrooms as well. The service area is just as big as the showroom. I have counted as much as 5 bike lift and service spots with 3 mechanics working inside.

I needed a check for coolant liquid, oil and chain lube and tire check on a late Friday afternoon when I was just passing by. It had been almost 2500 km since I left Istanbul and I wasn’t sure how much my tires had more to go. The tarmac in the Dolomites is very hard on the tires, in a weekend time, a lot can change on a muscle bike rear tire :)

The English proficiency is limited but they are very helpful. The mechanic could not speak a word of English but the receptionist at least could understand what I requested.

There was no need for adding coolant nor oil, all checked-out OK, have lubed the chain and told me to change the tires in a couple thousand KM tops.

No charge for the quick service. Grazie mille…

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