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Pyrénées Motors, Andorra

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Pyrénées Motors lies just in the south of Andorra La Vella, in Santa Coloma. I have selected this place for my 20,000 KM maintenace for two reasons:

  1. It is a tax-free country and BMW has a tendency to run steep charges for milestone maintenaces such as 20K and 40K. The in-between ones are OK, but I ended up paying €550.00 for my last BMW Bernardini experience and I really do not want to end up with excessive charges on this trip anymore.
  2. It is simply on my way to Spain :)

It was about 16:30 on a Monday afternoon when I arrived at the service. English was again an obstacle at first, after re-directing me to a couple of people, one gentleman at the Motorrad and MINI division escorted me to a lady that can communicate with broken-English. I have told her my needs for maintenance and after checking with the person at the workshop, she told me to be there at no later than 09:00 with a cold engine, otherwise they would not be able to do maintenance. I told her I would be there at 08:00 as long as they serviced me. I abide as long as I get my needs met.

I found a Michelin and Pirelli motorcycle tire specialist and got a new set of Michelin Anakee 3 tires. He did a very good job calibrating them and voilà, all my problems solved. Now with my 20K service, I would be all good to go…

Next morning I got there at 08:30 and it was about 6ºC out. By the time the personnel got there at 09:00 my engine was cool enough for servicing. I do not want to upset the service guy, now do I?!

It was nice of them to arrange a shuttle service to bring me back to Andorra la Vella, really. They told me that my bike would be ready at around 16:00 no later than 17:00. Giving the benefit of the doubt, I got there around 16:30. I have waited probably another half an hour, before the receptionist lady told me that my bike is ready to be discharged. They handed me a checklist of all the items of maintenance requirements, all checked but one, the change of spark plugs. They did not have the spark plugs in stock so they couldn’t change them. All the rest was OK.

I feel like Hulk sometimes, the anger is just building up, I really try to control it but come on! Spark plugs are such a basic item, how can they not have spark plugs in stock. So I complained, calmly but firmly about this.

The problem is that, when you are on a motorcycle trip, every time you make a stop at a BMW Motorrad dealer, you lose a half-day, at least. You say hello, it is literally one day in their book and this is my third stop at a BMW Motorrad service on this trip. I have to alter my schedule, and route if I must, in order to find a decent dealer to get things done. Motorcycle travel is adventure, I know, but I am not in Africa or on the Road of Bones for God’s sake. I am in one of the most civilised regions of the European continent.

After rejecting their proposal for staying one more day for them to get the spark plugs, I do not want to know from where after 17:00 until the next morning, I carried on with my route hoping I would be able to get my spark plugs where on my route before the current ones started causing trouble igniting.

Overall, the engine felt much more smooth running. The tires are awesome with excellent grip, the weather is nice and I am off to San Sebastian, Spain.

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