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Golden Rules III

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Continued from previous posts: Golden Rules I and Golden Rules II.

These rules are translated from article by my good friend and mentor Burak Ercan, you may find the original article here.

  • Check your rear constantly via mirrors: Check your rear view mirrors during changing lanes, slowing down, turning and at take-off. Your targeted position on the road may about to be occupied by a vehicle coming from behind.
  • Watch for freight that may fall from vehicles: Goods or freight may be left or become loose on vehicles carrying them. Such vehicles should be taken serious and potentially hazardous. A truck loaded with such cargo in an open container trucks should be marked while riding. Keep your safe distance while following a truck. For on-coming traffic, try to keep on the opposite side of your lane. Such distancing will prove to be an upper-hand in case of an emergency.
  • Memorize and practice SIPDE: Scan, identify, predict, decide and execute. Scan the road ahead, identify potential hazards, try to predict what is next to happen decide on the best action to avoid the hazard and execute.
  • Do not speed in the city and residential areas: Speeding in such areas may cause loss of control due to uncontrolled environment. You can only realize how much you are speeding when you have to use the brakes in case of emergency.
  • First aid training/certificate: In case of emergency, you should be able to do first aid to yourself or other until a professional help is received. Thus, you should have proper training and have a kit ready at all times.
  • Riding on left tire lines: Four or more wheeled vehicles leave a tire line mark on the road. This line should be the ideal riding line. The middle of the road is least contacted by the tires, thus any oil leaks or spills create the most hazards in the middle of the lanes. When riding on the right, vehicles may try to pass you without any warning, ignoring your presence due to little space you take on the road. When riding on the left side you will not be ignored and the vehicle will have to signal you or warn you during a pass. This may seem like a contradiction to one or more rules stated before, but remember, a rider must adjust to any situation on the road and act accordingly.
  • Stay away from bad riders/drivers: You should keep away from any vehicle that is going too fast, too slow, passing without signaling and rolling left-and-right on the lane.
  • Reflective materials: Make yourself as visible as possible. Choose highly visible gear when riding. These materials should be visible from behind as well as your sides.
  • Be hearable as well: If you think a vehicle may not notice your presence on the road, you should make yourself heard with your horn. Using street legal exhaust tubes may be a good choice for this purpose as well.

Hoping everyone safe and fun riding,

Burak Ercan
Motorcycle Instructor

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