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A Word or Two on Common-Sense

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Nobody can argue the thrills of performance riding. Mastering your bike, your roads…

Don’t be a fool, you will never master your roads. You are a slave to them and have to deal with whatever it has coming for you, for this you need to train. Train your brain, senses and your body. You need to study and practice.

I have seen fools killed or hurt by their ignorance and some very brilliant riders for what their road brought them; and I learn from them too, so unfortunately…

I don’t like bragging nor like to be in competition with others, I just like the experience. Some rider may have impressive skills for racing or performance riding but riding in traffic and among others requires common sense and if that rider lacks this, becomes a potential danger. I have seen and rightfully reacted at times, not so nicely. :(

Trans-cultural trips also require observation and orientation. These days everybody is traveling multiple countries at a time, some remote and some neighborly. But they must observe, take notice of their surrounding, general practice of road travel of the locals, their respect for others too. It’s just common-sense.

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