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Back 2 School: CSS Levels 1&2

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Back in March, I have bought my second muscle bike, the long expected KTM 1290 Super Duke R. Two years before the KTM, I owned a BMW K1300R, also a legendary bike in it’s category, but only rode it for about six months and sold it. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the K1300R, but it scared the living daylights out of me. I did not trust myself on it.

When you sit on such muscle bikes, it is inevitable, you will push yourself to the limits… May be not at first, but the more you ride them, the more you do whatever you like doing on it, in my case it was just twisting the throttle to its maximum, taking off against other bikes, some super cars as well. The rush, the adrenalin, the scare; you can only imagine…

When I bought the KTM, I knew I had to get more training for this purpose alone. It may not be a super-bike, but it is a Beast, nevertheless. Although it is equipped with state of the art new electronic assistance, the short chassis and 180hp 1300cc engine, combined, makes the new SuperDuke R a formidable “Beast.” Why I bought it? The answer to this is a subject for another upcoming post.

California Superbike School offers two 2-day training in Istanbul at the former Formula 1 track, now known as Intercity IstanbulPark, one of the most exciting Formula 1 tracks built back in the day. Having been built for Formula 1, the track is quite wide and the quality is exceptional, even the trainers of Super-bike School would not disagree…

So, the day came and I got on my bike and headed to Intercity IstanbulPark. Although I have watched and read the books published by Keith Cole (A twist of the Wrist), I have attended the courses with as little biased mind possible. I have tried to intake whatever information they have offered and applied it on track.

The first day, I admit, I was very cautious, going slower than most, just trying to apply the techniques. The second day was even more fun and challenging than the first. Overall, I thing the first two level courses have drastically improved my performance riding. I would strongly recommend anyone interested to apply for these trainings and get themselves on the track with the best instructors in the world.

Don’t forget, California Super-bike School offers four levels of training which you can repeat as much as you deem necessary as well as private coaching for advance level riders. Some of the official racers still get training from this school.

More information can be found online through their websites www.superbikeschool.com and www.superbikeschool.com.tr


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