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Rider Training Is a Must

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Some how you got your license, I don’t know how or where. Is this it? I hope not!

I have travelled immensely in Europe. As you know most of the European countries have one of the best environment for riding your bike safely. The quality of the road, educated drivers, beautiful scenery and mild weather. During my travels I see a lot of riders experienced and novice (not to criticize, a lot of experienced bad riders as well).

Most of the riders do not have the environment or the weather conditions to ride during winter time, and when the summer approaches, they get on the bikes with rusty reflexes. We all know the thrills of riding, but some become victims of their thrill.

Granted, when the time comes, there is such little you can do to avoid an accident, but that little is where training comes in. Training will keep your mind cool and reflexes sharp.

A rider must periodically train his/her reflexes and skills with professional help. There are many professional institutions providing training programmes for wide range of purposes from enduro to superbike, trail to drifting. No matter how good you think you are, you are as good as you train.

Although, don’t forget, the bigger you think of yourself, the more risks you will take and more hazards you will have to avoid. So training your skills is one thing, having a common-sense is another.

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